June 14, 2016

The Writer's Garden

I have a small collection of 'coffee table' books, and I realized a little while ago that I rarely spend time looking at them.  {That could be because I don't actually have a coffee table...} So,sometime last winter, I got into the habit of leaving one of them on my kitchen table, so I could turn the pages while I was eating.  This one {to make the situation even worse :)} is actually a library book, but it's been nice company for the last few weeks, and I'll be sorry to return it.

I didn't read enough of the text {a good excuse to borrow this book again, which I will!} but I loved the many photos of places I've read about, or now want to, including...

 a 'prettyish kind of little wilderness' at Chawton House

the Old Vicarage, in Grantchester

Beatrix Potter at Hill Top

Monk's House

Lamb House
{this one is going over my desk}

Thomas Hardy and his wife Florence at Max Gate

William and Dorothy Wordsworth's garden at Dove Cottage

... and many more.  Nothing could be more peaceful, in the morning or at the end of a day.


Claire (The Captive Reader) said...

A lovely habit! I have a difficult time committing to coffee table books enough to buy them but love borrowing them from the library. And, of course, garden-focused ones are my favourites. So many beautiful places to dream of.

JoAnn said...

My favorite coffee table book features photographs of the Cotswolds, but this one could easily be a contender for that top spot... so beautiful! Brilliant idea to keep one on the kitchen table.