Books read in 2017

Biographies, memoirs, letters, history
  • Julia Baird, Victoria the Queen:  an intimate biography of the woman who ruled an empire {January}
  • David Coggins, Paris in winter:  an illustrated memoir {February}
  • Laurie Colwin, Home cooking {January}
  • Frances Faviell, A Chelsea concerto {March}
  • Amy Gary, In the great green room:  the brilliant and bold life of Margaret Wise Brown {March}
  • Margaret Kennedy,  Jane Austen {March}
  • Victor Mallet, ed., Life with Queen Victoria:  Marie Mallet's letters from Court, 1887-1901 {January}
  • Megan Marshall, Elizabeth Bishop:  a miracle for breakfast {February}
  • Carl Rollyson, Amy Lowell anew:  a biography {February}


  • Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility {February}
  • March Cost, A woman of  letters {February}
  • Winifred Peck, Bewildering cares {January}
  • Kathleen Rooney, Lillian Boxfish takes a walk {February}
  • Margery Sharp, The eye of love {for Margery Sharp Day} {January}
  • Margery Sharp, Martha, Eric and George {for Margery Sharp Day} {January}
  • Anthony Trollope, Can you forgive her? {#PallierParty} {March} 

  • Rennie Airth, The death of kings {February}
  • Patricia Cornwell, Chaos {January}
  • Deborah Crombie, Garden of lamentations {March}
  • Cyril Hare, An English murder {January}
  • Georgette Heyer, Envious Casca {January}
  • Ian Rankin, Rather be the devil {March}

  • Ronald Epstein, M.D., Attending:  medicine, mindfulness and humanity {March}

The books in bold type are among this year's best, so far.


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Elizabeth Neill said...

Audrey, I like your blog very much. You're such as passionate and prolific reader. Your blog is much better than mine! I look forward to future posts.