November 6, 2016

Morning at the museum ...

... our Museum of Fine Arts, that is. I went especially to see this exhibit of paintings by William Merritt Chase ...

Spring Flowers (Peonies), 1889

which was even more wonderful than I expected (I'm already looking forward to seeing it again).

But on the way out, I went to visit this one again ...

Childe Hassam, At Dusk (Boston Common at Twilight), 1885

which is just gorgeous in person {per the label, 'Using a rusty pink palette to unify his winter scene, Hassam created a gentle vision of th modern city in harmony with nature'}.

And passed another favorite ...

Frederick Carl Frieseke, The Yellow Room, 1910

And after finding a postcard in the gift shop, went in search of this one.

Should you not be able to assemble yourself and write?
by Frances Stark, 2008. 

{I always tell myself that I'm not drawn to contemporary art, and then I am. I also tell myself that I should be more open to new things.}

I hope your day has something as beautiful in it. :)


JoAnn said...

What a perfect way to spend the morning! The last time we were in NYC, the Neue Gallery opened an hour early for members, so we got to spend time with the Klimt paintings (The Woman in Gold, in particular) in a nearly empty gallery. The room is usually mobbed, so it was a wonderful treat.

Lory said...

I'm hoping to see this over the holidays! Where is the Frances Stark? - I love that one.

Audrey said...

Hi, Lory,
I hope you can!
Her pieces are all over the museum ... the exhibit's on through January.

Nan said...

Lucky you! I haven't been there in oh, so long. A wonderful place. I love the At Dusk.