October 22, 2016

The New England Orchard Cookbook

Sigh.  This year, for a couple of unexpected reasons, fall {and everything I love about it} has felt a little out of reach  ... though my mom, my sister and I did spend a couple of hours last Wednesday, in the lovely light just before sunset, driving aimlessly through northwestern Connecticut in a concentrated burst of some of the most beautiful leaf-peeping that any of us could remember. :) So after being teased by this book in a NetGalley proof (and thank you for that!), it was a treat to bring the library's new copy home and gaze at gorgeous photos of apples and pears {and other fruits}, the things you can make with them, and the New England orchards {most of them small, venerable and family-owned} that they come from.

I already have a long list of recipes I'd like to try from this book, including...

pizza with pears, walnuts and figs {from Wilson Farms, near me}
crepes with caramelized apples
pear and squash bruschetta
golden delicious risotto
pear sauce for waffles
pot roasted chicken with apples & apple cider
apple butter muffins

... among others. The recipes are very approachable, but so many of them sound delicious. As soon as I try one or two, I'll tell you about them. :)

The New England orchard cookbook:  harvesting dishes & desserts from the region's bounty,
by Linda Beaulieu

Globe Pequot Press, 2016
From Netgalley first, then borrowed from the library


Karen K. said...

Golden delicious risotto -- is that made with apples? I've never tried fruit in risotto though I've seen recipes. Please let us know how it turns out!

Audrey said...

Hi, Karen ... yes, it is! I'm going to try to make it this week.

JoAnn said...

This looks like a beautiful cookbook! The pizza with pears, walnuts and figs sounds especially appealing to me...

Audrey said...

Hi, JoAnn ...
I'm a little disappointed because there's a photo of it showing actual figs but the recipe calls for 'gourmet fig spread' (whatever that is...) ... but I could always improvise. My sister has a fig tree at her new house, so maybe she'll test it for me!

thecaptivereader.com said...

All of those recipes sound delicious, though I'm probably most intrigued by the pear and squash bruschetta. Have fun in the kitchen!