August 5, 2016

So, from now on, this is what we'll call it...

... With cheeks unblemished by smallpox and chestnut hair curled into tight ringlets over her forehead, her features, although not those of a delicate beauty, were striking. Contemporary depictions show a woman with large, heavy-lidded eyes, an elegant, well-defined nose, and just below her chin, a 'soggiogaia' -- a little swelling of extra flesh that was considered attractive among Restoration aristocrats. At the nape of her neck, she would sometimes have sported two small curled locks of hair, known as 'heartbreakers.'

from The Mistresses of Cliveden:  three centuries of scandal, power
and intrigue in an English stately home, by Natalie Livingstone


JoAnn said...

He he!!! Love it!

Cosy Books said...

Oh that is funny...and a good reason to enjoy extra dollops of cream. I've had my eye on this book, Audrey, so thanks for the snippet!