August 7, 2016

Reading, before looking ...

My coffee-table-book-on-the-kitchen-table reading has been especially nice of late, because I've had the chance to borrow the books for two museum exhibitions that I'm looking forward to seeing this fall. I seem to be always drawn to the work of these two artists, and it will be wonderful to see more of their work and to learn more about them.

{Morning, Isle of Shoals, 1890}

The Childe Hassam exhibit is just opening now at the Peabody-Essex Museum in Salem, and focuses on the paintings he did in three decades of visiting The Isles of Shoals, off the coasts of New Hampshire and Maine, sometimes among the artists and writers gathered around the poet Celia Thaxter.  All a setting and a group of people I'd love to know more about.  But even more, I just learned that Hassam is from Boston!  I know that he painted several Boston scenes, but I never knew that he is one of ours, and it makes me very happy.

{Studio Interior,1882}

I'm just starting to read a little about William Merritt Chase; the exhibition book focuses in part on his career as a teacher.  The exhibition {opening at the Museum of Fine Arts in October} has a wonderful mix of portraits, interiors {like this one}, and outdoor scenes, many of them on Long Island.  I'm glad that I'll have time to read a little more about him before then.

{Gallery of the Louvre, 1831-1833}

And as much as I'd like to see the Hassam exhibit much sooner, I might end up waiting until it overlaps with this... in October, the Peabody Essex Museum is hosting a special exhibition of this amazing painting by Samuel F.B Morse. I greatly enjoyed reading about this work in David McCullough's book about Paris; it stayed with me,  and this will be a wonderful, unanticipated opportunity to see it.

A lot to look forward to!


JoAnn said...

What a good idea to check out the books before visiting the exhibits!! If all goes as planned, I'll be spending some time with my daughters in NYC in October. Must check the exhibits and schedules of my favorite museums and plan ahead. You have inspired me!

Lory said...

I was also looking forward to the Chase exhibition, but I didn't know about the Hassam one - looks lovely! And that Morse painting sounds amazing -- a whole gallery on a single canvas. I'll have to plan a road trip to Salem this fall.

mary said...

I'd so like to see the Hassam exhibition, if only!