August 26, 2016

Margaret Kennedy ... a clue!

        'I told the police where I'd been all day, and to fill in the gap — the private business — after I got back from Golder's Green, I added a visit to the New Vic. to see The Constant Nymph. I thought of that because I had just been there and could give more details if they wanted them. I had to tell Beryl the same in case she should happen to hear what I had told the police. But apparently I'd said something to her, days ago, about my plan to go with you to the New Vic. on Thursday, and she seem surprised that I should go again the next day. So I gave her the impression that we didn't go again the next day. Now do you see?' ...
      'You know I'll do anything I can for you, Basil — though I can't see why I should — ... Is all this scheming absolutely necessary? Why must you be such a noodle?'
from Murder Underground, by Mavis Doriel Hay (1934)

Oh, dear, I only hope Basil Pongleton needn't tell the police how the film ends, because I haven't read this one yet. :)

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