July 10, 2016

Bad books

... I read enormous quantities of what I suppose one must call bad books, partly because they are much less of an effort to read than good books; & then I read all the good books when I was young. ...I wonder if you ever read bad books. I find it an extremely interesting study & very illuminating about human nature, though not usually in the way intended by the authors. And sometimes they are so very nearly good.
Jacques Raverat writing to Virginia Woolf, September 1923, 
from Virginia Woolf & the Raverats:  a different sort of friendship

{The painting is by Pierre Bonnard, who's mentioned in the letter.}


Karen K. said...

Nice artwork! Do you know the artist or title? (And I'd love to know what Revert considers a bad book!)

Audrey said...

Hi, Karen! It's by Pierre Bonnard, but the Pinterest page didn't give its title.

Bellezza said...

Sometimes, a "bad book", and by this I mean something light such as a romance or thriller, can be just the ticket. I have been in such a reading slump this year, reading a fraction of what I normally do, that I can hardly complete a bad book! What an interesting quote to Woolf, though, a quote I find so fitting for myself these days. xo