April 28, 2016

Only connect: Charlotte Brontë and Virginia Woolf

She has you by the hand and forces you along her road, seeing the things she sees and as she sees them. She is never absent for a moment; nor does she attempt to conceal herself or to disguise her voice ... There are two reasons for this astonishing closeness and sense of personality — that she is herself the heroine of her own novels, and (if we may divide people into those who think and those who feel) that she is primarily the recorder of feelngs and not of thoughts.

Virginia Woolf, writing in the Times Literary Supplement, April 1916

So this happened... I've been reading both, and today, dusting some books, no, really, opened an unread one to a page quoting this, written 100 years ago this month.  Feeling very connected,  :)

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Bellezza said...

I love it when I'm able to draw connections between what I'm reading. I would not naturally have connected these two, but now that you mention it I can see it. Although, I have to admit preferring Charlotte to Virginia.