April 21, 2016


Today, as everyone probably knows, is the Queen's 90th birthday ... and the 200th anniversary of Charlotte Bronte's birth.  I've been saving this new biography (or so I tell myself) just for the occasion. I know very little about her, and have just never been drawn, for no real reason, to the Brontes or their books {are you?}.  But I loved Claire Harman's book about Jane Austen, which is reason enough, and I even went so far as to order this UK edition after Nicola told us about its embroidered cover {it really is gorgeous}.  With this, and Juliet Stevenson reading Jane Eyre, I'm looking forward to finding out what I've been missing.  :)


Cosy Books said...

It's a bit too early in the day for cake but I'm enjoying a cup of tea while watching the Queen do a walkabout in Windsor.
Enjoy the biography, Audrey!

Jane @ Beyond Eden Rock said...

I grew up with the Brontes, because their mother came from my home town and we don't have too much literature of our own to claim. That was lucky, I think, because it meant that I read many of the books young and loved them for their own sakes without much idea of what the rest of the world thought.

Juliet Stevenson reading Jane Eyre sounds lovely, and I may have to investigate more closely when I've finished reading Villette for the first time. I was always a little scared of that book, but I'm finding that I love it as much - and maybe even more - than Jane.

JoAnn said...

Hmm, Villette was going to be my next Bronte novel, but now that I know Juliet Stevenson narrates Jane Eyre, I might have to reread that instead!

Sunday Taylor said...

I'm a big fan of the Brontes and have read many books about them. Their lives were fascinating. I think you would enjoy reading about them and especially Charlotte. Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights are two great classics and well worth rereading!

JaneGS said...

Claire Harmon is one of my favorite biographers. I agree about the Austen bio, and her Dickens bio is also great, plus her companion bio The Invisible Woman about Dickens' mistress.

I am looking forward to this bio of Charlotte Bronte too--enjoy!