March 30, 2016

Books and authors

I'm lucky enough (so lucky} to live in a place with wonderful libraries and wonderful bookstores ... and, accordingly, a calendar full of readings and other appearances by authors ... and foolish enough to never take enough advantage of that. {I missed Helen Simonson, when she was here last week, by one day! Drat!} I've been trying to remedy that, so I marked my calendar in big letters for a sold-out reading tonight by Donna Leon — one of my favorite mystery writers — and it was the perfect end to a long day.

She was charming and funny, starting out by talking about The Waters of Eternal Youth, her 25th Guido Brunetti novel {she said she loves its title, because the title, but not the book, is the most bitterly cynical one she has come up with, so far), mentioning that the story was inspired by one of her favorite writers, Ross Macdonald, whose detective novels often looked at 'the effect of the present on the past.' {Are you familiar with his Lew Archer novels? I'm not, but I was already intrigued because a new volume of Eudora Welty's letters to and from him recently came out, and so now I'm doubly intrigued.} And there were thoughts and questions about how she wrote {she said she didn't know how her books would end when she started, and that the process was more like reading a book than writing one...I loved that!} and about what would happen to Venice {she despairs}.

And of course, there was a question about whether the novels would be filmed for PBS.  They've been filmed for German television, and Ms. Leon {who doesn't own a TV, or watch it} has been invited to meet with the BBC. Oh, and they've been dangling Colin Firth and Jude Law as possible Brunettis. Be still, my heart. :)


JoAnn said...

Colin Firth?! I can't even tell you how long the first Brunetti novel has been on my kindle, but that could be enough to make me finally read it!! Sounds like a great evening, Audrey!

Claire (The Captive Reader) said...

I love the German series so would be suitably skeptical of anything else! Still have yet to read any of her books though.

Vintage Reading said...

There is nothing I like more than author visits and literary festivals. I've not read Donna Leon but I may well do. She sounds wonderful.

Terra Hangen said...

This is fascinating info about Donna Leon, my dh and I have read almost the entire series. Her Brunetti is such a good guy and family man. Be still my heart, the BBC might do a series! I will run right now and tell my husband.