October 12, 2015

The Classic Club {late bloomer}

I don't know why it's taken me so long, but I've just, finally, joined The Classics Club!  I've been standing with my nose pressed against the glass as so many great readers spin and make lists and talk about the kind of books I like best.  On the other hand, I've been telling myself sternly that I should spend more time reading and {much} less time gathering lists of books I want to read :)  I've managed, though, to come up with 50 books that are on my shelves unread and/or that I've been meaning to read for years... so I don't think I'm adding to the madness, just re-organizing it.  There are a couple of books here that I've been longing to re-read, but not too many. And I also decided not to put any Persephones on this list, as I have another project in mind for them. So much for my resolve.} On the other hand, it's not an especially adventurous list... hopefully, it's a list-in-progress.  

It didn't especially influence my list, but what pushed me forward to finally join was tweets and a post about The Women's Classic Literature Challenge, which begins now and runs through December 2016.  I knew I was with my people when I read the suggestion about reading and sharing biographies of the writers we were reading. :)

I did put Emma on my list because I'm planning to re-read it in December in honor of its 200th anniversary, and since we're encouraged to start this challenge early this will be a wonderful way to begin.  I'm looking forward so much to this new kind of bookish sharing {I could never have enough of that}.


Frances said...

Always love a voyeuristic peek at someone's reading list! I always celebrate seeing Woolf on a list and nodded my head in understanding about all the James. I have been considering some reads and (re)reads of him a lot lately. Other books keep pointing me back to him. And I also really enjoyed Alexander's Bridge as an early work. Happy reading!

JoAnn said...

Welcome to The Club... at last! :)

Bellezza Mjs said...

So glad you're reading Emma (with me!) in December. I've been a member of The Classics Club for three years now, fat lot of good I've done it by rarely posting. Still, it's good to be a part of such a worthy group. And, now I can cross Trollope off my list, thanks to you! xoxo

Lisa said...

Such a lovely list of books :) I'm sure you'll be adding some to my reading list. The spins look so fun - I always enjoy seeing those lists & what people end up with.

Jane @ Beyond Eden Rock said...

Ooh good, another list to peruse! You have some lovely books lined up, and of course I'm delighted to see the Palliser novels.

This remends me to ask, have you found Sarah Emsley's 'Emma in Winter' event?


I left my Classics Club list behind when I moved homes on the internet, but the Women's Classic Literature Event has made me think that I should pick up the threads.

Terra said...

I like hearing what you are reading and sometimes I am moved to add a book to my TBR shelves and stacks. I recently read Emma, which is of course a fabulous book.