August 9, 2015

My literary city

I missed all the news about this {I also missed the news that we've had one of these, right here in my neighborhood, for almost a year}, but as if I didn't love where I live already, I've just learned that we have the country's first official literary district.  How cool is that?

There were some other lovely facts in the paper this morning, including the one that our library is the second largest in the country by number of holdings, and that some 3.7 million people visited the BPL last year.

I think I'll make a vow to visit all of the 88 spots on this map {including the house where Henry lived, apparently briefly, on Beacon Hill}. I could start by revisiting the spot on the farthest left, though I walk by it often as its only a couple of blocks from home ... and then I might be hungry, so I could go get a sandwich.  :)


Cosy Books said...

We are so lucky, Audrey. It breaks my heart when I hear of cities closing libraries or downsizing in massive chunks. My city promotes the growth of our library system and I am grateful.

Jane @ Beyond Eden Rock said...

That is amazing, and you are so lucky. Our local authority is so shortsighed that our town library is moving to smaller premises, and one town further up the county is being asked to decide if they are willing to have the (local) council tax increased to stop their library being closed.

Lisa said...

That's so lovely, Audrey! I'd love to take those walks as well, and leave some flowers for Lucy Stone. Is there a Louisa May Alcott statue as well? I can't believe I never saw these all the times I was in Boston (grad school in Amherst but driving to Boston every chance I got).

Terra said...

Oh you are going to enjoy those literary walks. Our library system is doing well I am happy to say.