April 22, 2015

My top ten...I think...

I couldn't resist, could I, after seeing Bellezza's list before I left work and then thinking about mine all the way home. All-time favorite authors.  That's hard {I''m already regretting three more}, and that's as it should be.

But, in alphabetical order...

Jane Austen

Laurie Colwin

Deborah  Crombie

Elizabeth Gaskell

Henry James

Louise Penny

Barbara Pym

Angela Thirkell

Edith Wharton

Virginia Woolf

Some I've read, and re-read, and will re-read again, others whose newest book is always something to look forward to (and there has to be a series mystery writer, or two, in my list, wouldn't you think?) and one who I've read shamefully little of, but  so much about, and that's a balance I want to shift.

Thank you, B, and all of you, for bookish moments like this one.


Lisa said...

I agree on #1, 3, 7 & 8, but my list would have to include Mr. Trollope.

Audrey said...

Hi, Lisa, so would mine. I agonized over him!

Kay said...

Some very good ones here. I'd include Jane Austen, Deborah Crombie, and Louise Penny on my list as well.

Bellezza said...

This little exercise has been a great gift to me, as I've been gleaning everyone's list to comprise a new must-read of my own. I see many wonderful mystery authors in yours, whom I have not yet read but plan to. My sister in law loves Deborah Crombie, and I have thoroughly enjoyed every Louise Penney I've read. Thanks for sharing your favorites, I loved seeing them!

JoAnn said...

I missed this Top Ten Tuesday as we were on our road trip home, but will list mine sometime in the next coupe of weeks. We will end up sharing at least four and as many as 6 authors!

Terra said...

My list would include Trollope and Austen, and maybe Proust. It is fun to make a list, good idea.