April 24, 2015

Happy bicentennial, Mr. Trollope

How could this loud, obstreperous man be the Anthony Trollope who wrote with such extraordinary insight into the hearts of men, and even more extraordinary, of women?
from Anthony Trollope, by Victoria Glendinning

I didn't know until yesterday that today (April 24)  is the actual 200th anniversary of his birth. If only I could, I'd stay home from work and read Barchester Towers, cover to cover, all over again. :)


Karen K. said...

Happy Trollope birthday wishes to you from another Trollope fan! I actually had the day off yesterday (it's a local holiday here in San Antonio) and though I didn't spend the entire day reading Trollope, I did get through about 50 pages of The Eustace Diamonds. So nice to see all the Trollope love!

JoAnn said...

There would have been no more appropriate way to spend the day! Barchester Towers is the most recent addition to my "favorite books" shelf.

Terra said...

Trollope is extraordinarily gifted in insights in to both men and women. I am reading Dr. Thorne now.