March 8, 2015

Only connect: Mrs. Gaskell on Mr. Trollope

'I wish Mr. Trollope would go on writing Framley Parsonage for ever. I don't see any reason why it should ever come to an end, and everyone I know is always dreading the last number.' — Elizabeth Gaskell to George Smith, publisher of The Cornhill, March, 1860

I came across this snippet today {while, sigh, shopping for editions of the #6barsets with fonts that I can actually still read...} and I'm just noting it down now because I'll forget to in September, when this one comes up, and also in honor of my friends, the Trollopians. :)


Fleur Fisher said...

Thank you - another reason to love Mrs Gaskell.

JoAnn said...

I knew I loved Elizabeth Gaskell!

But what is to be done about our aging eyes?! I'll be reading all #6Barsets on my new kindle voyage - with bright, crisp, and (most importantly) adjustable fonts.

My paperback copy of the Glendinning bio is proving to be a challenge. I may need to switch to a kindle version there, too.

Lisa said...

According to the Snow biography that I just read, "George Eliot told Mrs Lynn Lynton that she wasn't sure, if it hadn't been for Trollope, whether she could have planned Middlemarch on such a scale. She had a special regard for Orley Farm." Maybe this will be the year I finally get to Middlemarch, as well as Orley Farm :)