February 10, 2015

Snow days

Part of me wants to walk the mile or so down to the Public Garden and take my own photos of my lovely city in the snow, and part of me wants to hang on to every last minute of cabin fever. I have to remind myself that I've hardly even been inconvenienced by this incredible snowfall {over six feet in 17 days}, when it's meant so much work and worry for others. But it has been nice. I've been doing a lot of mindless puttering around, a little bit of cooking and baking, and a lot of reading, which has been perfect for me. :)

  • When I was out finishing all my errands early Saturday morning, I picked up a stack of library books that had all come in on reserve at the same time {does that happen to you?}  As a result, I've set my Trollopes aside, just for a little while, and become immersed in A Royal Experiment, an unexpectedly wonderful book about the marriage and family life of George III and Queen Charlotte.
  • But when I was reading The Warden last week {I'm about halfway through, and will be back to it soon} I picked up again on the simultaneous listening-and-reading thing you can do on a Kindle {something our friend JoAnn told me about and that I tried for the first time with Mansfield Park}... and I noticed something interesting. This wintry weather has made my commutes longer and colder than usual, making it a little harder to read when I get home. But I found that listening to the book and reading the words on the screen at the same time {the words are highlighted as the voice continues} seemed to help me focus and concentrate on what I was reading. Plus, it's just kind of cool.
  • When I got the alert last night that we wouldn't be working today either {can I confess that I like working in a place where no work means no work and not working from home?  I just checked my office email, and there's nothing there.} I thought I'd finally watch the first DVD of At Home with the Georgians, a BBC series that I was lucky enough to find at the library. Because I inherited a complicated TV and speaker set up in the living room when I moved in here. I can only watch DVDs from my bed, and last night wasn't the first time this has helped me fall asleep ... 15 minutes after the program starts.  But it seems wonderful, and funny -- I watched long enough to see a great scene where the host, Amanda Vickery, reads letters from a loving young husband, visits a Georgian house where there is a portrait of this man she admires, and then loses it when she sees that he is jowly and not very handsome {the expression on the householder's face -- a descendant? -- is priceless}.
  • Something else from the BBC popped up this morning that justified the time I was wasting on Facebook ...a BBC 15-Minute Drama series based on Alexander McCall Smith's 44 Scotland Street books. I haven't listened yet, but apparently we have 29 days before this expires.  (And two more potential snowstorms before we expire...}

Oh, it's going to be hard to get back to normal tomorrow.  I hope you're having a great week.


Cosy Books said...

I thought of you while watching the Today show this morning, Audrey. It's hard to imagine that in a few months every last snowflake will be a distant memory. Glad you're enjoying your snow days, and spending time with Amanda Vickery is always a good thing!

Lisa said...

I was thinking of you with more than a twinge of envy even before I read this :) I thought I saw something about more snow predicted for the weekend?

JoAnn said...

So glad all that snow hasn't made you too miserable! My ereader doesn't highlight the words as they are read... so cool! I'm breaking out of this mini-slump and my thoughts are already turning to Barchester Towers. Downloaded the free kindle edition and then picked up the Simon Vance (!) audio for $2.99.. I'm ready! #6Barsets :-)

Audrey said...

Hi friends!
Darlene - This is my first time seeing her as a host. She cracks me up!

Lisa - I've stopped listening. I think it's just going to snow till May. :)

JoAnn - I've got the same combo queued up!