January 5, 2015

On the street where they lived...

I mentioned yesterday that I might take a walk at lunch...

95 Irving Street
 Built in 1889 for William James,
who lived there with his family until his death in 1910.
Henry would have visited them there, wouldn't he?

104 Irving Street
Just across the street from the Jameses,
 hidden now by a tall fence around all sides.
The plaque reads
e.e. cummings
Birthplace of the poet and painter who wrote of
'the Cambridge ladies who live in furnished souls'

103 Irving Street
A few houses down from the Jameses.
Built in 1889 for Josiah Royce, William James' friend and colleague 
in the Harvard philosophy department,
and, from 1961 to 2001, the home of another famous Cambridge resident.
Do you recognize it at all?


JoAnn said...

Are you going to tell us? ;-)

Audrey said...

I was hoping for at least one guess! But you know her, JoAnn! Think copper saucepans and a kitchen that is now in the Smithsonian. I love it that she was one of their neighbors, even half a century apart.

JoAnn said...

Of course!! It's Julia!! What a lovely neighborhood :)