January 24, 2015

How is this for serendipity?

From the back cover of this book, which I started last night...
As every Trollope reader knows, English cathedral towns can be hotbeds of viciousness and vice.  And so it is in Lafferton, where Susan Hill sets her thoughtful mysteries. - The New York Times Book Review

I didn't even plan this, but I love it. I've had this {the eighth Simon Serrailler mystery} on reserve at the library for months {ever since I first heard about it} but there was no sign of it ... until I went to the C.P.L. again and found it on their express shelves. Like I said, serendipity. :)


JoAnn said...


I just got a free kindle version of The Warden and then downloaded the audio read by Timothy West for $2.99. Will get started later this weekend :)

Cosy Books said...

Wonderful! Still haven't got around to trying on Trollope for size but I do like the sound of Hill's book set in a cathedral town.

You're in for a lovely weekend, Audrey, enjoy!

Lisa said...

I know from reading her book Howards End Is on the Landing that Susan Hill is a major fan of Trollope. I thought of him reading the first book in her series, with its cathedral and cathedral close setting. I thought I'd read somewhere that a new book is out.

I hope JoAnn enjoys The Warden :)

Audrey said...

Lisa, Howards End is on the Landing was hard to find, and once I found it, I never read it! Now I'm especially excited to. Thanks!

I'm re-reading The Warden in the book-and-audio combo that JoAnn introduced me to...so thanks to her, I know I'll esp. enjoy it again. Hope she will too!

JoAnn said...

Lisa - The Warden is a reread for me. Wasn't crazy about it last time, but like to think I'm a more 'mature' reader now ;-)