December 22, 2014

Novel Interiors

'The key to a stylish life is in the details, and the details are found in books...'  Don't we lovers of country house novels and murder mysteries with lots of domestic details believe (or wish) that this is so?  Novel Interiors, written by Lisa Borgnes Giramonti, the author of A Bloomsbury Life, is such a pretty book, with such a lovely premise:  that you can 'discover your design style through the literary works you love,' guided by contemporary interiors that bring classic novels -- from Jane Austen to Oscar Wilde --- to life. But I'd stick with the pictures.  Some of the rooms are gorgeous, even if some of the literary connections are a little thin {or in one very funny instance, completely miss the point}.

It might not surprise anyone that one of my favorite rooms in the book evokes Cranford...

And if you can't quite see them, the vintage Penguin books in the prints are titled For Whom the Towel Rolls and A Farewell to Arms and Handshowers.  Want the grey one. So much.

I received a copy of Novel Interiors from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review; thank you.


Cosy Books said...

Finding prints for the bathroom is not an easy the ones featured here!

Have a very merry Christmas, Audrey!

JoAnn said...

Beautiful! I need to take a closer look at this book.

Fleur Fisher said...

What a lovely book - I do hope it's being published over here in the UK too.