December 28, 2014

My favorite books from 2014

In order of reading them:

  1. Rebecca Mead, My life in Middlemarch {February)
  2. Elizabeth Jenkins, The view from Downshire Hill (February)
  3. Jane Austen, Mansfield Park {May}
  4. D.E. Stevenson, Miss Buncle's book (September)
  5. Virginia Woolf, To the lighthouse (September)
  6. Margaret Kennedy, The Ladies of Lyndon (October)
  7. Laurie Colwin, Happy all the time (December)
  8. A.N. Wilson, Victoria:  a life (December)
And an honorable mention to two mysteries — Vertigo 42, by Martha Grimes (July) and To Dwell in Darkness, by Deborah Crombie (October) — because it was so wonderful to see these old friends again. :)


Fleur Fisher said...

That is a lovely list. I'm so pleased to see Margaret Kennedy and I loved the Elizabeth Jenkins too.

Lisa said...

Good grief - clearly I didn't re-read my comments before I hit publish. Let me try this again in regular English.

I do love your list! I still have to read Middlemarch before I try the Rebecca Mead book. And I will be reading more Margaret Kennedy this year - I have The Ladies of Lyndon on the TBR stacks.

lyn said...

I've read & enjoyed lots of these (Mead, Austen, Jenkins, Stevenson). I prefer Woolf's essays & diaries to her fiction but I do want to try TTL again one day. I read Kennedy's Together & Apart this year & have TLOL tbr. I took Victoria back to the library but would like to get back to it one day. Happy reading in the new year.

JoAnn said...

Excellent list, Audrey! To the Lighthouse is an audio must-read for me. I've been keeping an eye out for a copy of The Ladies of Lyndon and have Miss Buncle on the shelf. Hope 2015 brings you just as many gems:)

Cosy Books said...

I really shouldn't look at these lists...the shelves are groaning already! Thanks for sharing and tempting me with so many excellent reads, Audrey. The Ladies of Lyndon is one that I'm especially looking forward to!

Bellezza Mjs said...

I must read Miss Bincle's Book! I've owned it since it was a Free Book Friday on Barnes and Noble ages ago. Thanks for the reminder, and I liked reading your list. It is as gentle and articulate as I consider you to be.

Frances said...

Right along with Bellezza, I have to fit in some D.E. Stevenson in 2015. I have meant to for years but those good intentions have gone nowhere. Thanks to your list for the gentle push. To the Lighthouse is one of my all time favorites, and I'm delighted to see that you loved it as well. This is really a lovely list. Happy reading into the new year!

Claire (The Captive Reader) said...

The best kind of list - full of books I've yet to read! I hope 2015 is full of just as many wonderful bookish discoveries for you.