October 19, 2014

Wishing I was here

Sigh. Not much reading this week {'the book(s) I'm reading now,' at left, should be 'the book I'm really, really looking forward to so I don't know why I haven't managed to start it yet'}. and there won't be too much today, because we're due for one sunny, crisp, perfect October day in between two weeks of not-so-much. I'll try to promise myself extra reading after work this week {we're supposed to have three days of cold, windy rain, so that's perfect.}

However, there have been lovely bookish things, if not books per se. One was that some fleeting thought (not sure what) prompted me to visit the Persephone Books website and while I was looking around I realized that for some reason I wasn't getting the wonderful Persephone Post in my afternoon email any more.  {When I looked back at the older posts, I realized I may not have been getting it since July.  I am adding unobservant to the list of faults which must be remedied. :) } I've resubscribed, and RSSed, and looked at everything I missed.  In one week, there was a series of posts about a woman who has not only collected all of the Persephones, but photographed them in her lovely home filled with Charleston and Emma Bridgewater. I want to be her.

This was another, a poem by Jeffrey Harrison from yesterday's The Writer's Almanac:

Commuter Buddhist

I'm learning to be a Buddhist in my car,
listening to a book on tape. One problem
is that, before I've gotten very far,

my mind gradually becomes aware
that it has stopped listening, straying from
the task of becoming a Buddhist in my car.

I'm also worried that listening will impair
my driving, as the package label cautions,
but I haven't noticed that, at least so far.

In fact, I may be driving with more care.
There's a sensation of attentive calm
that's part of becoming a Buddhist in your car.

A soothing voice drones on until the car
is transformed into a capsule of wisdom
traveling at high speed, and you feel far

from anywhere but where you really are ...
which is nowhere, really. The biggest problem
is getting the Buddhism out of your car
and into your life. I've failed at that so far.

It's going to be a good day, I think. Hope yours is, too. What are you doing/reading today?


Cosy Books said...

Feeling slightly inadequate due to the fact that my collection of Persephone titles merely sit on shelves in a bookcase *sigh*. Seriously now...a good roam around their website on a dreary day certainly brightens things up!

JoAnn said...

And your post reminds me that I have stopped getting my daily Writer's Almanac emails, despite resubscribing a couple months ago!

We actually had snowflakes in the air for about half an hour this morning and won't make it much beyond the low 40's today... fall is drawing to a close here. Hopefully that will mean more reading time!

Bellezza Mjs said...

Don't you love that grey and yellow theme?, I just got my first Emma Bridgewater catalogue the other day, had never heard of them before, but I think I'd rather receive the Persephone bi-annual. ;) anyway, collecting them all would be lovely, and reading them all even better. The ones I've read have stuck in my mind so deeply. (Little Boy Lost for example, what a piercing novel!)