October 6, 2014

Margaret Kennedy Reading Week

In the first decades of the twentieth century, London contained quite a number of distinguished, grey-headed bachelors who owed their celibacy to Mrs. Varden Cocks.
 from The Ladies of Lyndon, by Margaret Kennedy

Other than the opening sentence of Pride and Prejudice, which is a plot point in the other book I'm reading, this might be one of the best ever. {If Jane Austen had been writing 100 years later, couldn't she have written it?}

This is just to say I've been looking forward to Margaret Kennedy Reading Week, hosted by our friend Fleur, and now it's here. When I first moved to Boston, about 20 years ago, a new friend introduced me to a wonderful book warehouse, half new books and half remainders. There was a whole bookcase full of green Viragos, and I brought home a lot of them, and left too many of them unread, including several of hers.  This one isn't what I expected, but so far, sixty pages in, it's wonderful.

{Bachelors found here.}


Lisa said...

I just started The Wild Swan. I wish I had another day off, so I could stay home and read. I also have The Ladies of Lyndon on the TBR stacks.

Fleur Fisher said...

Well done to your friend, and I' so glad you're enjoying your first meeting with MK. I've just started night at Cold Harbour, and that reads like 20th century Austen too.

Cat said...

I am also reading Ladies of Lyndon - love the humour and that first paragraph is brilliant.

JoAnn said...

Ashamed to say I was totally unfamiliar with MK until posts for this event began appearing. I'm not participating, but have added her to my reading list.