July 12, 2014

Reading in the age of comfort

... In the age of magnificence, reading, too, was a stately activity, indulged in by few and confined largely to the ceremonial space of grand libraries.  The eighteenth-century home feature a less imposing, more modern type of space devoted to books and reading. In what was now called a 'reading room,' books were not on formal display in order to impress visitors with their sheer numbers and sumptuous bindings. They were stored instead in built-in cupboards camouflaged behind sliding doors fitted with elegant paneling. These rooms were intended ... 'to induce everyone to come in and start reading,' as spaces in which anyone would feel comfortable sliding back those doors and picking out a book. In some bedrooms, the walls on either side of the bed were fitted out with still more bookshelves. People had obviously begun to curl up in bed with a good book.

from The Age of Comfort:  when Paris discovered casual,
and the modern home began
, by Joan DeJean

Bien sur, we'll need one of these, aussi. :)

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Bellezza said...

I am completely unable to decide between the two chairs/lounges. Completely. I think I need both. And, a room in which to put them solely devoted to reading. Thanks for the ideas, though, should I ever obtain such a room. :)