May 30, 2014

Q: Does this sound like...

      'What did that shake of the head mean?' said he. 'What was it meant to express? Disapprobation, I fear. But of what? What had I been saying to displease you? Did you think me speaking improperly, lightly, irreverently on the subject? Only tell me if I was. Only tell me if I was wrong. I want to be set right. Nay, nay, I entreat you for one moment put down your work. What did that shake of the head mean?'

... typical even-slightly-overdone Jane Austen piffle, even to those of us who love her so?

A.  Not when Juliet Stevenson reads it. Quiet, suggestive, almost racy. Enough to make you smile secretly to yourself on the bus. There's no question that you can always something new when you re-read (or listen to) our Jane.  :)


JoAnn said...

Juliet Stevenson and Jane Austen is a combination I've yet to discover. I love each of them separately and can only imagine how wonderful the combination must be!

Claire (The Captive Reader) said...

Juliet Stevenson and Jane Austen are a perfect match. I think the first audiobook I listened to (Emma) was read by her and it was wonderful.