But you will be ready to say, what was your hope in doing this? — What did you look forward to? —To any thing, every thing — to time, chance, circumstances, slow effects, sudden bursts, perseverance and weariness ... Every possibility of good was before me, and the first of blessings secured ... {from Emma, by Jane Austen, 1775-1817}

March 3, 2014

A young Elizabeth

{Jenkins} in 1934, from today's Persephone Post, just because their timing is so perfect.

I just noticed that this portrait I had found of Virginia Woolf, once before, was painted in the same year {several years, maybe even ten, after they met}. It shows her in the Woolfs' flat in Tavistock Square.


Cosy Books said...

I am so enjoying your posts on Elizabeth, Audrey, but just about went into a swoon at mention of her getting rid of her Edwardian furniture.
Do you know anything about the copyright on the Downshire Hill book? I've tried to track down a copy but one library wants $20 to loan it while another library is asking $10...a reissue would be perfect. Actually, your situation is perfect, you minx, a loan period of over one year...I say!

Audrey said...

Hi, Darlene,

The copy I am reading might be the first edition - a hardcover, published in the UK by Michael Russell in 2004. Does that help?

Doesn't Persephone Books have some kind of write-in campaign for what they will publish next? They'd sell at least 2 copies right away, wouldn't they?

Vintage Reading said...

Oh is that Elizabeth Jenkins? She was quite a beauty. I was very impressed with The Tortoise and the Hare.