November 7, 2012

True. Especially the last part. Possibly, literally ...

... We expect many things of a good pan... First and foremost, it should be highly conductive, so that it heats food quickly and distributes hear evenly across the base (no hot spots!) It should balance well in the hand and be light and easy to maneuver on the stovetop, with a handle you can use without burning yourself. But we also want it to be dense and solid enough to withstand high heat without buckling, chipping, or cracking. The ideal pan should have surface that is nonreactive, nonstick, noncorrosive, easy to clean, and long lasting. It should have a pretty shape and sit well on the burner. Oh, and it shouldn't cost a fortune. Over and above all of this, a truly great pot has some quality -- impossible to quantify -- that makes it not just functional but lovable. Hello, old friend, you think, as you haul it out once again.
from Consider the Fork: A History of How We Cook and  Eat,
by Bee Wilson

{I don't have this pan, I just think it's beautiful.  That's just as well,
because I don't think I could bear to use it if I did.}


Darlene said...

*sniff*...There's a soup pot at the back of my cupboard that I couldn't bear to part with despite buying a new one. The handles were broken, the lid long gone....I think it needs a cuddle.

JoAnn said...

You're right... this sounds like a book I could love!